What we do




Media Strategy


We have a brilliant team of in house designers and a TV production crew creating the best looking ad within our client’s budget. Moreover, as the professional marketing for decades, we are able to provide the best solutions to assist our clients to promote in all types of media such as flyer distribution, newspapers, magazines, radios and TVs. In additional, we also help our clients allocate their advertising budget in order to reach their targeted areas and ethnic groups in the shortest time. We also provide our professional advices in maximize the effectiveness of your ad.


Design & Creative


As a full services advertising agency, design & creative is the most powerful tool to help our clients build up unique branding in a competitive market. For instance, branding is one of the most important elements to terminate a success or failure of a company. We are able to input new ideas, to design the new branding in order to make it better, fresher appeal for all types of company or businesses. A successful brand will make consumers build up confidence on your company, service and products. In addition, our creative team will also create eye-catching and attractive designs on web sites, signs, posters, banners, brochures, folders, flyers, newspaper ad, magazine ad…etc to synchronize the images in different media in order to achieve the benefit between the mixture of media and advertisement to help our client.


Audio & Visual


Want to be more aggressive in advertisements? Get instant results? TV and radio ads are another strong approach. We also have a TV production crews and photographers creating the best looking ad or profile video within our client’s budget. As the professional marketing for years, we are able to create a unique story line for each production. Our brilliant video production team will unique point of views and shots to enhance your products and services in most unique, elegant way. As for audio ads in radio, our creative team will always input new ideas, catchy phrases and tone to rouse up the campaign awareness according to the market needs.



Online Campaign


In today’s world, internet is the newest and most powerful tool to promote and brand your company. We have professional team of web experts and web site designers to help to build your web site according to your needs and usability. We have a team of online marketing specialist who can analyze your current web site first then suggest changes on your current web site to enhance your website ranking on search engines. Our online marketing team also offers advices and strategies on how to increase traffics to your web site by advertise your web site through the most powerful search engines in the world such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords and also network banner ads. Last but not least, will also help our client to make good use of social medias to make complete your online campaign.